What we stand for?


Hana 하나

One or first, we aim to be the best and number one in your hearts providing you the best Korean Desserts!



Bingsu - shaven milk with toppings, so fine it taste like powdered snow. Come and see for yourself in our flagship store!


Did you know? Bingsu is the short form of Patbingsu originated from ancient Korean Times. It was present in Korea since the 1910's!! Since then it has evolved into the bingsu we bring to you today! The pat stands for red beans and we use it in some of our recipes to keep the authenticity.

keep calm and enjoy bingsu.png


At Hanabing, we believe in supporting the local community and only source premium ingredients for our soft gelato, Bingsu as well as toasts from Australian Suppliers such as fresh milk, chocolate, fruits and much more. We strive to use as many fresh products as possible. All this to provide you with a healthy dessert experience!

We believe in bringing new concepts and Korean desserts to you and will always strive to be creative! We are about involving our customers and any feedback or changes and suggestions are taken well. Feel free to drop us an email anytime.